Sky Monsters

There are sky monsters.

They are very old. Very peaceful and quiet. They merge with the sky camouflaging themselves using clouds that cling to their skin. Dancing on the air currents, the birds following them feeding of the tiny creatures that live on their skin. You cannot see all of them, but they can see you.

They used to roam the world flying and hiking across the heavens looking down at the Earth. Resting in the sun’s rays or running through the winds. They lived everywhere, there’s always air.

Some live on the ocean’s air currents migrating like waves. The blue waters below them full of life that looked up to them. Seeing shapes above them from beneath the waves that blurred the image. Their skin has a strong blue tinge and eyes as white as the salty sea foam.

Some live in the rainy clouds, rolling in the falling rain drops cleaning and soaking their coats. Calling out loudly like thunder cracks. They are the most visible but they hide in clouds, thick dark clouds that hide them like undergrowth.

Some live high up in the atmosphere, trying to catch the sun’s rays at their strongest. They dance in star light, sun light and moon light. These sky monsters glow like burning stars whilst calling out to each other during mating season. The energy they capture leaks out of them like crack suns. You can see them from the ground. These are the oldest of the sky monsters. It is rumoured that they watched the night sky form above and around them.

Some live in the tall forests. There is variation between this strand more strongly than the others. There’s ones that share the skies with those above the rain forests in the the clouds, they share it peacefully often playing games or dancing around each other. All of them live closer to the ground than all of the other monsters. They run through canopies of trees, their footsteps rustling the leaves. They used to race across all the skies but as man started flying and building high buildings they retreated into the forests and mountains. Curious ones run among the city skyline. Most stay in the natural world. Racing up hills, rivers and mountains, and through forests and above moors.

There’s sky monsters. They are as old as the sky. They can see you, even though you can’t see them.


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