November Reads

This month’s addition to the reading list:

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie                                                               I’ve started reading Christie’s works, it started as part of a school assignment but after watching TV adaptations and reading this book I understand the hype behind Agatha Christie’s work. The plots are worth the hype and this book especially. You’re left stumbling through the clues trying to find the killer and the final reveal is brilliantly shocking. I am yet to find a greater twist in a story that shocks me so much.

The Infernal Device by Michael Kurland 
An interesting and engaging story set in Conan Doyle’s wonderful world of Sherlock Holmes. The first of the series by Kurland, this opening book features mystery, cases, murder and bombs and plans for treason: all the best parts of Conan’s stories in a quick paced and engaging book. A great read for the dark evenings as outside grows darker and colder.

Death comes as an End by Agatha Christie 
Christie’ s murder mystery set 2000BC is thrilling and exciting and no one is safe. The confined setting of a farm increases the tension as the murderer works their way through the family leaving no clues. A brilliant mystery of murder, revenge, jealousy and rage. One that I couldn’t solve despite my best effort until the resolution.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
This dystopian novel presents a world where information is streamed constantly narrowing the characters knowledge of the world and themselves. This classic by Ray Bradbury is a good read where the tragedy of the society is portrayed through Guy Montag. The vivid descriptions of this shallow world pull the reader and lock them in as fire destroys and cleanses.


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