December Reads

With the Christmas holidays allowing you to sit down read inbetween the chaos of the season.

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
The collection of short gothic fairy tales full of death, bloodshed and sex. The twist on traditional tales to criticise society is a brilliant read that is disturbing and vividly described. The settings are beautiful sets to twisted tales than are full of beautiful imagery showing Carter’s talent brilliantly. A good bedtime read for adults to destroy the childhood tales.

The Rest of us just live Here By Patrick Ness
This story by Ness is a brilliant one as a bunch of teenagers try to survive in a world being constantly destroyed by threats only stopped by Indie kids. As the newest threat arises in the background, the threats of mental health, crushes, family and the pressure of school plague Mikey, Jared, Henna, and Mel. With the narrative from the point of view of Mikey, a teenager with OCD, the book addresses some of the major problems of teenagers today such as eating disorders, depression. This book was a joy to read but left me with the feeling that just is the end of school, with promises of new beginnings and goodbyes. The story isn’t tied up with a near now but that’s what makes it even better since they aren’t the story they’re just characters trying to survive in the background.

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
The fast pace story with an engaging premise. Odd can see ghosts as part of a collection of supernatural abilites, and uses his skills to help. Thrown into his world from the start, you can’t help being swept up in the mystery of Fungus Man and the bodachs that swarm around him warning of approaching death and destruction. The story occurs over a short time  forcing your heart to be in your mouth as the story twists and turns towards the chaos. It’s a great read but one you won’t be able to put it down so prepare to tear through pages as you follow Odd, Stormy and sometimes the ghost of Elvis.


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